The 2018 fishing season is underway for both Salmon and Halibut at Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island.

I wanted to inform returning clients and other fisherman viewing my website…Port Renfrew remains unaffected and there are no changes to retention of Chinook salmon or Halibut this season. There were some changes DFO has implemented  south of Port Renfrew around Sooke, the Gulf Islands and the Fraser River area, but Port Renfrew is good to go as in past seasons.

The fish have showed up on our famous Swiftsure Bank, and there has also been some exciting fishing along the shoreline in all our regular hot spots. The weather is  forecasted warm and sunny over the next several days as a strong high pressure ridge is settling onto the coast. That is a good sign for the rest of June and moving in summer.

So get out there and have some fishing fun, if anyone is interested in fishing this season give me a call or please email…I will be happy to help set up trip for you.

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Best to email, as I check my messages after fishing for the day…